I guarantee the satisfaction of my customers. Get reliable yard cleanup and handyman services in Sebago, Maine, and surrounding areas, and trust me to provide the top-notch services you deserve.

There is no such job as a job too small!

Services I offer

Tree & Shrub

Unlock the potential of your yard with tree* and shrub removal. Overgrown or unwanted plants can hinder your property’s beauty and functionality. Don’t let overgrowths limit your creativity; contact me today!

plant & shrub

Do you desire a well-kept backyard or patio area but lack the time or knowledge to achieve it? Experience the joy of a tidy property without hard work. Contact me today, and let’s transform your garden into a flourishing paradise.

Lawn mowing
& Raking

Are you tired of spending your weekends taking care of your lawn? I understand your struggles! That’s why I offer lawn mowing and yard cleanup. Now you can spend your free time doing what you love while I do the heavy lifting.

Odds & Ends

Are you tired of looking at that peeling paint or the broken door handle? Do you need gravel spread, loam hauled into your yard and spread, or a paver replaced? I can handle various tasks**, freeing your time for more enjoyable things.

* I’m a guy with a chainsaw. I do not have the equipment to remove very large or potentially dangerous trees.
** I am not a licensed plumber, electrician, etc., but I can take care of those homeowner tasks you aren’t up to.

What else can I do for you?

  • Bring Stuff to the Dump
    Debris, trash, yard cleanup, etc.
  • Services Using My Trailer
    ex: Picking up Marketplace items.
  • Basic Home Repair
    ex: Replace the rotted step on your porch.

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    Serving the Sebago, Maine Area

    I provide services in Bridgton, Casco, Denmark, Gorham, Sebago, and Windham. I would consider traveling further for the right job; don’t hesitate to ask!